Well isn’t this ripe…

“Del Duca promises a patient ‘bill of rights’ if he wins the Liberal leadership and topples Ford’s Tories…”

Firstly every time the Liberals come out with some kind of “bill of rights” it takes away rights. One merely has to look at what is being said about air-line passenger’s bill of rights and the fact that Pierre E. Trudeau’s constitution/charter does just that – removes the constitutionally protected rights of the people.

Then one needs to take into consideration the fact that the Liberals had not put any money into health care for over a decade…

Finally a government is trying to get health care fixed and the Liberals try to tell us that the PCs are going about it all wrong…oh wait the PCs are actually putting money into health care…

Can you tell I don’t have a very good opinion regarding the Liberals and health care…

So seriously – how can anyone believe what they are saying when it comes to health care considering they’ve made such a mess of it???

The front-runner for the Ontario Liberal leadership says patients would be treated better if his party topples Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives in the 2022 election.


Steven Del Duca, a former minister in premier Kathleen Wynne’s government, promised to introduce a “patient’s bill of rights” should the Liberals take power again in two years.


“It’s time to give patients the power,” said Del Duca, adding a bill of rights would “guarantee timely access to a health-care practitioner for all Ontarians, timely access to emergency care, timely access to specialist care, access to mental health and addictions care, access to your own medical records and more.