As you can imagine I watched the majority of the Debate, last night. From a non-partisan point of view – my comments are merely to ensure some reality is brought to that sad display of a debate.

Like Adrienne Batra, editor-in-chief of the Toronto Sun, I still question why the Bloc Québécois, led by Yves-François Blanchet, is included in the National debate. It isn’t like, at least according to him, Canadians can vote for the Bloc – only those in his nation of Quebec can…so why is the Bloc included if it isn’t Canadian? As usual Yves-Francois didn’t really add anything to the debate and merely wasted precious time of the other Leaders.

That being said – the other parties – whoosh! There was everything from communist propaganda with Jagmeet Singh telling Max he shouldn’t be there because Max expresses an opinion that Jagmeet doesn’t agree with, to the crazed leader of the Green Party screeching at Scheer about abortion…I mean seriously – it’s settled already. I also think she should be very careful about taking the “high-and-mighty” stance on this with her statements from the past…

“In 2006, May stirred controversy during the federal by-election in Ontario’s London North Centre riding—where she ended up placing second—when she told nuns at a convent that she has talked women out of having abortions and could not imagine any circumstances that would have caused her to have an abortion.

“If one group of people say a woman has a right to choose, I get queasy because I’m against abortion,” May said at the time, according an audio recording posted online. “I don’t think a woman has a frivolous right to choose. What I don’t want is a desperate woman to die in an illegal abortion.”

Ummm makes a person wonder about her purported indignation now doesn’t it??? And yes she has flip-flopped and like Trudeau tries to purportedly “clarify” later…Some may accept that – I do not. She got caught and is merely trying to deflect. Everything else, regarding Green policy, was the same as the NDP so that explains it all – except she at least had the intestinal fortitude to say she would virtually turn Canada over to the United Nations. Seems she has no real policy of her own – merely what the UN dictates. Singh has not explained to Canadians that the Leap Manifesto is all about what the dictates of the UN wants – the Hegelian Philosophy…pretty sad and why don’t the Liberals, NDP and Green Party merely amalgamate instead of wasting all of that ink on signage…? But wait – the NDP are the Liberals considering Pierre Elliot Trudeau was NDP prior to becoming a Liberal – same for Bob Rae…gotta give it to the NDP for their hostile take over of the Liberal Party…lol…

Trudeau was as usual…deny, deny, deny but to me the winning statement of the night was when Scheer said Trudeau seems so obsessed with Ontario politics that Trudeau should run for the provincial Liberals – there’s an opening right now… (see tweet below).
On another note, though, Trudeau was the same old Justin right down to denying the SNC scandal or at least saying the Globe and Mail article was not true…Can you imagine but then he is probably relying on the lack of information getting to the average Canadian in hopes of continuing the snow-job he’s been using over his term…or should that be the cannabis job…lol…

Then there was Maxime Bernier. Whether you agree with his policies or not – Max was one of the winners last night.

As expressed at the scrum, after the debate, he merely used the debate to let Canadians know his policies. He did little mud slinging and he most certainly pointed out the attitude of Jagmeet Singh.

Still shaking my head on Singh and his attitude so like Hilary Clinton – If you don’t agree you’re a deplorable and unworthy of opinion. For that I thank Mr. Bernier. Shows Canadians – all Canadians – that the New Demo Progressive Liberal-Green Party doesn’t want to hear from Canadians – only those who will pay carbon credits and are fiscally illiterate.

Certainly Mr. Scheer got his points in regarding Trudeau but long and short the debate was a bust.

The moderators didn’t control the time. They allowed others to interrupt the speaker. They allowed others to speak over the speaker so Canadians couldn’t hear any real policy statements. They and Elections Canada allowed non-Canadian advocates to be included. They allowed people’s speech time to be shortened by others. Long and short this is a black-eye on women as moderators because all of the moderators were women and some of them did not do a good job. Get with the program Ladies – if you want the job then do it and do it right! We expect to criticize men when they do a poor job – so why not women?

Grading this debate it gets a C- and no I will not be watching yet another debate from Quebec. There are other provinces in this Country and having all of the debates in Quebec does a disservice to the rest of Canada. Shame on Elections Canada and shame on the Candidates for not pursuing some other venues.

Same old, same old…now go talk to your Candidates – they seem to be the last vestige of hope for Canada.