Thought of the Day – Thank you Mandarin Restaurants and as for those who don’t appreciate this offer…well how proud are you to be a Canadian in the first place?

Having read this article one must salute Mandarin Restaurants for attempting to show Canada that they appreciate Canadians and for celebrating one of the most important days – the birthday of this wonderful Nation known as Canada.

What I found laughable – yes this is the reality check – is some of the comments regarding this very costly gesture.

Firstly there is the comment:

““Thanks for letting me know that I’m not welcome in your restaurant tho.” She added, “what an excellent way to lose temporary and permanent resident clients! I like to skip lines, so I wouldn’t celebrate my Canada Day on Mandarin anyways.”

So does this mean she has “skipped the line” of immigration and how un-Canadian is butting in line, considering we are considered one of the world’s most polite societies?

The next one is even more ludicrous:

” “I am an international student and shame on your requirements, I will never come back to you even after get citizenship.””

You are here on a student visa and not even a citizen of Canada and yet you are outraged – seriously – and you say you would never come back even after you get a citizenship. Does that mean you are applying for citizenship and if so should we accept someone who doesn’t seem to want to respect Canadian citizenship with everything it represents?

If those who do not appreciate a very Canadian offer to celebrate this country why should we be concerned if their feelings are a little hurt?

Of course these are merely 2 comments from the article but what does this tell you about the “entitlement” attitude of some of those who say they want to make Canada their home?

Their statements truly go against everything that is Canadian and perhaps they should have taken 10 seconds before they hit post on their twitter account, etc., because they have just made a number of immigrants and international students look unworthy of Canadian citizenship or access to everything Canada has to offer, wouldn’t one agree?

So, Thank you Mandarin Restaurants for this offer. As for those who don’t appreciate this offer…well how proud are you to be a Canadian in the first place? It would seem you do not even understand what it is to be True North Strong and Free!