Here’s a novel idea- Trudeau and his new “salt and pepper” beard acting like a cohesive leader for a change and doing the heavy lifting that is expected of the Prime Minister of Canada, especially when there’s a major international crisis.

Instead, the now bearded Boy Wonder has lobbed off most portfolios to Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland, in effect, making him a part time Prime Minister and her the de-facto Prime Minister.

A look at his recent itinerary entries shows just how little Justin Trudeau and his beard are doing these days.

When Trudeau was elected back in 2015, transparency was his watchword and all Canadians would know what he was up to on a day to day basis. Well, Canadians sure did, ad-nauseum. Every photo op, every award presented, every selfie, every tear shed, everything that thrust him in the spotlight was documented on his official page and of course, splashed all over the Liberal media.

Fast forward to 2019-2020 and it’s like he has faded off into the sunset. That seemed to start when he took his three week sojourn to Costa Rica and grew a beard. While the average Canadian had their Christmas break and returned to work and school, our newly bearded Boy Wonder took some extra vacation time and personal time once he returned to Canada on January 4th.

It seems that personal time now is outweighing actual working time, even in the midst of an international crisis where an airliner was shot down, resulting in the deaths of 57 Canadians.


A National Post article documented Trudeau’s itinerary better than Trudeau’s official website did.

  • The day after a U.S. drone strike killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the prime minister was on vacation in Costa Rica, so the schedule simply read “personal.”
  • The day after, he was back in Ottawa, again, “personal.”
  • By the 6th, a Monday, Trudeau spent all day in “private meetings.” Same for the day after.
  • That evening, Iran fired a barrage of missiles at American military bases in Iraq, one of which housed Canadian troops. Hours later, Iran shot a Ukraine International Airlines jet out of the sky, killing 57 Canadian citizens and scores of others.
  • The Wednesday itinerary has just one item: A 4 p.m. press conference. On the 9th, another press conference, and notice that the prime minister would join a candlelight vigil on Parliament Hill for the victims of the crash. The prime minister, of course, was busy on those days.
  • Check the Twitter feed of Adam Scotti, official photographer for the Prime Minister’s Office, and you’d learn that on Jan. 9, Trudeau had a closed-door meeting with Sajjan, Bruce and Vance, including others, that wasn’t in his itinerary.”


If you look at Trudeau’s official page, it now lists not just his “itinerary”, but Freeland’s as well – and guess who is doing the heavy lifting?

Hint…it’s the one without the beard.




While Trudeau is either “in meetings”, taking personal days or attending press conferences since the Ukrainian airliner was shot down, Chrystia Freeland is meeting with various provincial premiers, mayors and other political leaders, doing the job that Justin Trudeau should be doing. And now, it’s being reported that Chrystia Freeland will operate out of the same building as the PMO – “illustrating how closely she will be working with Justin Trudeau on key files, on a day to day basis.”

According to Global News, there’s no proper job description for what a Deputy PM does, only that it varies from government to government. In this case, it’s a convenient way for Justin Trudeau to delegate as much responsibility as possible to others while retaining the post of Prime Minister and in effect, “taking all the glory.”

When you compare and contrast President Trump, his daily itinerary is quite detailed as to his official duties.

The same goes for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.



Then, there’s Justin Trudeau. It seems that in 2020, a “Where’s Waldo” calendar is more appropriate for Trudeau’s 2020 itinerary.



A recent article the National Post imagines his daily itinerary as something like this:

“You’d think Trudeau rolls out of bed a little after noon, cleans up, takes a meeting, then heads home for some R&R…”

Is this the behavior of the leader of a country? While Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are out attending to the business of the day in their respective countries and attending to international issues, Justin Trudeau seems to be “calling it in.” He seems to have lost interest in doing the hard things that are part of the job description of a Prime Minister.

An article in Macleans from December 2019 bears this out.

  • “Watching Trudeau tick his way through his end-of-year interviews, you don’t get the impression of a man who is enjoying the less glamorous parts of the job (i.e. the actual work). Trudeau has never been a compelling interview, wedded as he is to tight scripts, but his focused grouped-word soup seems less persuasive than ever. His heart just doesn’t seem in it.”
  • Trudeau has lost his majority. He’s lost Gerry Butts, his best friend and chief policy brain. And this week he also lost Kate Purchase, his communications chief and one of the originals in his entourage. His three children are now 12, 10 and 5. Might he be wondering what comes next?
  • Cast in Trudeau’s newly disinterested light, Freeland’s elevation begins to look more like an exit plan. With brand Trudeau now tainted by the Aga Khan and SNC-Lavalin, and literally tainted by blackface, Team Liberal might already be looking for the future. “


Justin Trudeau should take a lesson from his father and take his own “walk in the snow” when it comes to his political future.


It’s painfully obvious that he has no focus on the job, and from where I sit, no desire do the job that he was elected to do, to represent his riding as an MP and as leader of the Liberal Party, leading Canada as Prime Minister. We don’t need a part time Prime Minister being paid a full time salary.