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This is a pretty hard hitting but truthful takedown of Trudeau from The Post Millennial.

The Post Millennial
“I don’t tend to write about politics. I’m the culture guy here at The Post Millennial. But it’s election season, and it just so happens to be the most insane modern-day election that Canada has ever been through. And the antics of Justin Trudeau this time around are simply too clownish to ignore. This is a man who is unwell and unfit.

It should be well established by now that this man is unfit to serve as our Prime Minister.

But if corporate corruption, obstruction of justice, internet censorship, persecution of journalists, buying off the media, and frickin’ blackface weren’t enough to convince you that Trudeau is unfit. Perhaps this latest insanity will.

Trudeau and his campaign team somehow felt it was a good idea for the disgraced Liberal leader to appear on a pre-taped and rehearsed children’s television show today called “New Mom, Who Dis?”

The appearance was cringeworthy at best, as host Jesse Cruickshank shamelessly flirted with the PM, but it was also cynical, manipulative, and exploitative, as Trudeau fielded two questions from two young black twin girls.

I suppose it should come as not surprise that Trudeau would exploit young children of colour in such a way. His contempt for voters’ intelligence seems to know no bounds. Mere days after he was found out and disgraced for his multiple blackface offences (he still can’t recall how many times he did it), he changed his Twitter avatar to a photo of him smiling aggressively at a young black man.

It’s worth noting, too, that anyone to the right of Trudeau and his team of politically correct bullies is considered to be “far-right” or “alt-right” or “hateful” or a “Nazi.” Just the other day, Trudeau slandered free thinkers all over the world (including 15,188,406 Brits who voted to leave the EU) by suggesting that holding perfectly mainstream opinions aligned them with the alt-right.

The rules that Trudeau insists upon never apply to him. He’s the classic online SJW bully archetype. Now imagine an entire nation run by this kind of internet-style SJW hypocrisy. That’s what life in Canada has been like for four years. If he’s re-elected, it will only get far worse because Canadians will essentially be saying that what he has done up until now is okay with them.

On October 21, Canadians need to kick this embarrassment to the curb. “