During the 2017 Conservative Party of Canada leadership election, leadership candidates abided by the rules and regulations, by obtaining signatures and raising money.

They were allowed to set out their Conservative based platforms, no matter how ‘controversial’ the media and the left viewed them, in hopes of winning the most votes by grassroot, card carrying members of the CPC..

After the 2019 election, that resulted in the Conservative Party of Canada winning 21 more seats and the popular vote, some CPC party insiders decided to pull out their traitorous knives to stab the duly elected leader, Andrew Scheer in the back.

First, they trotted out ex-Nova Scotia MP Peter MacKay, to publicly issue inflammatory statements like “a stinking albatross around his neck”, in regards to Andrew Scheers religious views, that had a lot of grassroot, card carrying CPC members, scratching their heads, wondering why a Conservative would attack the leader?

Currently serving Conservative MP for Durham Erin O’Toole was also trotted out, putting all the blame on Andrew Scheer’s shoulders and calling him “weak”.

Within a month after the October 2019 election, Andrew Scheer stated, “I can fight the Liberals.  I cannot fight Conservatives.”  

He then announced he was stepping down as party leader in the House of Commons.

Within minutes of Andrew making his announcement, Mercedes Stevenson of Global News, published on Twitter, “Andrew Scheer is resigning because he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, using party funds to pay for his children’s private schools.”

Even if what she said was true, which has been proven false, (the party offered to pay the difference of costs of Ontario private schools vs Saskatchewans) how did an anti-Conservative, Liberal paid media propaganda spewer get spoon fed insider dirt, in order to ruin the reputation of  the leader of the CPC? The sole intent was to spread a lie to disillusion his almost 6 million supporters.

Same as they did in Ontario to unseat Patrick Brown as the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party in 2016: The media was fed dirt.  They did their jobs and Patrick was ousted, within six months of the Ontario election.

Fun fact:  Those who got Patrick ousted, are also the ones who ousted Andrew Scheer.

They didn’t stop there:

These same insiders, tossed two grassroots, Conservative leadership candidates OUT of the leadership race, because their platforms were to ‘look out for the interests of Canada’, Canadian and Christian values.

The insiders also changed the ‘rules’: 2020 Leadership candidates have to have 3,000 signatures from card-carrying Conservative grassroots supporters, as well as obtain $300,000.00, (up from the 2013, $100,00.00) in donations (party rules maximum $1625.00/per supporter). They did this, supposedly to ‘weed out’ those that don’t have name recognition, to make it harder for candidates to get signatures and raise money.

Richard Décarie, one of the candidates, was disqualified by party insiders who decided that his personal opinions on the LGBT community, did not align with party standards.

Décarie, stated on a Liberal political discussion platform, that he “didn’t believe people were born gay.”

He was then labeled as a “homophobe” by not only the insiders of his party, his opponents also jumped onto the cancel culture bandwagon.

He was well on his way to the newly mandated 3,000 signatures, and raising the unheard of $300,000.00

As published by the National Post, notice it’s not reported what the ‘other’ issues are.

Décarie had prompted outrage last month after he went on national TV and said that in his view being gay is a choice, among other inflammatory remarks. His comments were strongly condemned by many Conservative MPs and leadership candidates including Peter MacKay, Erin O’Toole, Marilyn Gladu and Rick Peterson.”

Next up, we have Jim Karahalious, who was also disqualified by the insiders.

His crime was to point out via email and a social media post, the fact that Erin O’Toole’s campaign chair was instrumental and a principal participant in negotiating Islamic Shari’a banking laws, into our Canadian financial system.

The O’Toole campaign shot back by insinuating that Karahalious was a ‘racist’, when they sent out an email, that in part said, “…These attacks have attempted to make an issue of the religion of one of my senior advisors. 

Let’s be clear. They are doing it because he’s a Muslim...”

The Liberal paid CBC followed suit, by stating “Accusing someone of advocating for Sharia is a Muslim slur.”


Karahalious had met the required 3,000 signatures and raised the $300,000.00  He qualified as a leadership contender and was put on the roster.

Advocating against a non-democratic political system, hiding behind a religion, is NOT racist, or a ‘slur’, nor is it Islamophobic.

Anyone in Canada who has Muslim neighbors, friends and co-workers, knows that the majority of Canadian Muslims do NOT WANT the Shari’a.  They left their countries because of the Shari’a. They are appalled and afraid by the creeping of the Islamic law in our country. 

Muslims who advocate for the Shari’a, are radical Islamists set out to destroy western democracies from within, as stated in the caliphate’s manifesto, written by the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hassan al-Banna. 

Politics in Canada has drastically changed over the past five years. Politicians used to run on platforms based on the economy, jobs, infrastructure… Since the induction of “Sunny Ways” in the 2014 election campaign by Justin Trudeau, politicians across all parties, especially the 2020 Conservative leadership hopefuls, have turned their platforms into Liberal virtue signalling, identity politics, to silence their opponents and dissenters. 

Facts and truth no longer seem to matter in this Conservative leadership race:  Cancel Culture is the new norm to get rid of the competition.

The Conservative Party of Canada has successfully turned itself into the Liberal Party of Canada, complete with all it’s baggage.

The CPC has shown us that it is no longer a ‘big tent’ party, that values the democratic rights of its card-carrying members to vote.  

The proof is the insider smear campaigns that were unleashed on Andrew Scheer, Richard Décarie, and Jim Karahalious, which resulted in Décarie and Karahalious being ousted from the leadership race, and Scheer stepping down as the duly elected leader.

And this is why millions of Conservative card-carrying members have ripped up their cards and are asking for their money back.

Afterall, what’s the point of supporting the Conservative Party of Canada, when the insiders of the party have already chosen who the next leader will be, as well as shoving Liberal, globalist ‘values’ down the throats of the grassroots supporters.