I have been reading ‘opinions’ on social media in regards to the Iranian regime shooting down a commercial passenger airliner.

I have studied military aviation, military technology and military history for years, and this is my opinion:.

One of the things that never sat right with me is, how could a radar system mistake a common commercial airliner for a US military aircraft?

When it comes to radar detection systems and radar in general, the radar systems are set up so the radar goes out, and the operators sitting behind the computer screens sit there, waiting for a bounce back. 

Bats and dolphins have successfully been using this system since the day of their existence.That’s how they can avoid  buildings and ships propellers.

The US Air Force’s combat jets and bombers, fly at a set altitude so Small Arms Fire and other Anti Aircraft weapons cannot reach them. Take into consideration, the fact that the US Air Force planes are equipped with the highest technology and stealth, to minimize the ‘echo’ of the bodies of their planes send out.

It’s almost like the Invisible Cloak of the Harry Potter books and movies.

These planes, with their sleek lines and rounded edges, are not designed for looks: they are designed for avoiding  enemy radar detection: the planes will either absorb radar waves or deflect it off in an angle, so that it doesn’t go back to enemy radar  sources

The F-117 Nighthawk, is one such plane. It’s design, right down to the materials and paint, will absorb radar waves, and it’s odd angles deflects radar echoes away. 

If anyone reading this, remembers the first night of the strikes on Baghdad in 1991, they will also remember that the skies in Baghdad were going off like fireworks. 

The Iraqi’s could only shoot their ammo blindly, into the air, because they couldn’t detect any planes to lock onto.  Their best hopes and wishes were to just hit SOMETHING!.

Not one F-117 was downed during Operation Desert Storm. It was a major success in that theater of operations.

To get back to radar systems: when radar waves come back from the object it hits, the terminology is called a Radar Cross Section or RCS.  

All RCS systems have programmed algorithms that allow the system to identify the size and shape of the object the echo waves are bouncing off of.

And the Iranians that were sitting at their desks, watching their computer screens, would KNOW that the Ukranian  passenger plane, was just a passenger plane..

It’ had been reported by some news sites that hours before the downing of the Ukrainian civilian airliner by Iran,  the US issued a no fly zone order over Iraq and Iran. More for aircraft safety than anything, so that no non military planes were mistakenly shot down.

The Iranians have the same RCS detection systems.

The Iranian terrorist regime’s missile strike on a passenger aircraft, was not a “mistake”, considering their technology.

So who was on that plane that the Iranian terrorist regime wanted silenced?

I don’t believe the downing of Ukrainian flight P-752 was “an accident.” 

-Jason C. Loewen