Justin Trudeau said today, “I never told anyone about my blackface performances, because I was embarrassed.”

He then went onto say, “My father would have been deeply disappointed in me.”

His father was still around when Justin ‘performed’ in blackface, on at least three different occasions that he ‘remembers’.

Yesterday, he defended himself by saying, “I didn’t realize at the time that it was racist.”

How could he NOT ‘know’ it wasn’t ‘racist’ in 2001? And then today to say he ‘was embarrassed’. Why wasn’t he ’embarrassed’ yesterday?

His statements yesterday, told Canadians “I made a mistake. I should have known better, but I didn’t. I am pissed off at myself.”

He’s right on one thing: He should have known better, especially being the son of the ex-Prime Minister, who opened the doors and our Constitution for multiculturalism.

For the past four years, Justin Trudeau has been a study in both hypocrisy and virtue signalling.

For the past 7 days since the writ was dropped, Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet Ministers have been busy digging up decades old ‘dirt’ on Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and his candidates, for the sole intent to smear their names and their reputations.

In the past 24 hours, the same Liberals have been circling their wagons, excusing and forgiving their ‘leader’, with messages like, “He apologized, it was a long time ago, let’s move on.”

The old adage of ‘Karma is a bitch’, has come home to roost on the 2015 Justin Trudeau Liberals, and painted a bullseye on the back of our globalist ‘leader’.

Is Justin Trudeau a ‘racist’?

I don’t think so.

What I have seen is, a virtue signalling, hypocrite who is intolerant of any views that don’t align with his own, and is quick to call those out, labeling them as ‘racist’, or worse.

And that is why Justin Trudeau in ‘blackface’ is disgusting and repugnant.

It’s not like it’s “Stephen Harper fault”, nor did Doug Ford “make him do it”.

The end result is, he truly is “not as advertised”.