With Parliament in recess and all leaders in full pre-campaign mode, the polls are coming fast and furious, mostly showing how the Liberals have “recovered” from the thrashing they took after the LAVSCAM and Vice Admiral Norman debacles.
Today’s polls are no different.

The screaming headline from the Toronto Star this morning on liberal flavoured news aggregator National Newswatch showed this:


“A growing number of Ontario voters say the policies of the Ford government make them less likely to vote for Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives in the fall federal election, says a new poll that has been tracking the issue.In June, 54 per cent of those polled by Corbett Communications said they felt that way, but now 60 per cent do. Among Ontarians who have voted Conservative in past federal elections, almost 20 per cent say the Ontario government makes them wary of doing so again.

“This is something Scheer is desperately afraid of and it hasn’t gotten any better,” said veteran pollster John Corbett. “It’s gotten worse … if things keep going like that, he has already lost Ontario.” The poll, conducted July 9 and 10 amid the ongoing patronage controversy in the Ford government, was conducted using Maru/Blue’s Maru Voice Canada online panel, which is opt-in. With a sample size of 481, a comparable margin of error is plus or minus 4.5 per cent, 19 times out of 20.”

How can an on-line sample of 481 people accurately reflect the views of all of Ontario?  Was former Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne subject to this kind of scrutiny during her tenure as Ontario Premier,  considering the litany of corruption and spending scandals that were the hallmark of her time in office?

It always pays to look at who is doing these polls. The company – Corbett Communications – is run by John Corbett, who directed the Forum Poll from 2010 to 2017, then established and ran the Campaign Research Poll as Vice President from January 2017 to October of that year. He has also worked with Mainstreet Research as Vice President.

What was interesting was this:  “Corbett Communications profiles public opinion so that you can shape it.”

“Shaping public opinion” covers a whole lot of ground and in this 2019 election cycle, the Liberal government is doing just that – associating federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer with the austerity policies of Ontario Premier Doug Ford. Why? Because former Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not around anymore to be the Liberal whipping boy for all of the failed policies of the Liberals.

The social engineering continued below the lead story with these polls:



“Majority of Canadians support ban on single use plastics” and “Election 2019 is a battle to define the agenda “

The first poll on plastics was created by the Nanos company which has had a weekly tracking poll which, since 2017,and has always showed Justin Trudeau and the Liberals ahead, with Trudeau as the most favoured leader – with the same questions asked week after week.

“Canadians are heavily in favour of a ban on single-use plastics such as cutlery and straws, and most would be willing to pay a small premium for environmentally sustainable products, a new Nanos Research survey has found. Last month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government announced a plan to regulate plastic waste as part of a national strategy to limit the amount of plastics that are polluting Canada’s environment.

Really? The poll never mentioned the ridicule Justin Trudeau faced over from all corners of Canada and outside of Canada on his “Juice box kinda thing” announcement of this ban which will take place in 2021.


Then, there’s this from Abacus Data purporting to show “possible” issues that matter to Canadians.


  • In every election, health care is at or near the top of the list of what people say matters to them (although it isn’t always evident that this is actually what happens on election day), in this year, climate change and the cost of living rival health care for public attention. This is the first time that climate change has occupied such a central place in the public debate.
  • The adage holds that elections are almost always about the economy, but in this instance, the top economic concern isn’t so focused on jobs, but the cost of living, taxes and housing affordability.
  • Income inequality and making sure the wealthy pay their fair share also attract a fair bit of attention.
  • Backroom deals” is low on the list of public preoccupations which suggests that the SNC Lavalin issue may have limited shelf life.”


Again, more Liberal spin on issues that matter to the progressive elite sitting on the moral high ground, not to Canadians – put out by another company with Liberal leanings.


A recent poll put out by this company claimed this about Bill C-69 – that all but cripples Canada’s resource industry:


The current bill in question is known as C-69. In our latest nationwide survey, we asked a few questions to take the temperature of the public on this legislation. Here’s what we found:


Initial question: “The federal government has introduced legislation to overhaul the rules and processes for evaluating potential new resources projects. Have you heard about these proposed new rules, which are sometimes referred to as Bill C-69?”


• Few people (5%) have heard a lot about this bill. Another 32% say they have heard a little, but 63% say they haven’t heard anything. Awareness is higher than average in Alberta, but even in that province only 12% say they have heard a lot about the bill, and almost half have heard nothing about it.


Who is in charge of Abacus Data? One of the founders is Bruce Anderson – the father of Kate Purchase – Justin Trudeau’s Communications Director. He also runs National Newswatch where these Liberal friendly stories are run daily and in the past, has done a stint as a political commentator on CBC.


Then, the afternoon edition of National Newswatch showed this:

Note that John Corbett from Corbett Communications, who produced the anti-Ford poll mentioned above, was vice President of Campaign Research back in 2017. You can see the incestuous links between the pollsters and the party they are pushing.  


The shift in Liberal support is in Ontario where the focus has been on associating Andrew Scheer with Doug Ford and it is beginning to show in the polls.  Between slanted polling and the bought and paid for media ramping up the compare and contrast between Ford and Scheer, the numbers are shifting thanks to these polls that have been ramping up since Parliament was dissolved in June.


These polls are just another cog in the wheel of the Liberal spin machine – the 600 million dollar media bailout, Trudeau’s Digital Charter, the new Elections Canada third party spending rules.


Back in 2015, most polls did not predict the size of the Liberal majority which says that the polls were not accurate, just like in 2011 when the Conservatives swept into power at the expense of the Liberals.


Last year saw Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and PEI elect Conservative governments in spite of media and polling pushback. This year saw Alberta sweep the NDP to the curb. At one point, polls in Ontario showed the NDP neck in neck with Doug Ford’s Conservatives and when election night came, the Ford-led Conservatives swept the Liberals out of power to reduce them to a party of seven MPP’s.


These pollsters can ask all sorts of questions, manipulate data, and the media can make up headlines to reflect these polls. What none of them take into account are the voters.  They seem to be the forgotten people as the media and pollsters go into high gear, bombarding us with their opinions on issues that matter to them.


The best example of that happened in 2016 when Donald Trump became President.  Most polls predicted that Hillary Clinton would be elected as President. What swung the vote was Mrs. Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment about Trump supporters. That galvanized voters to go out and vote to give Trump the victory.



Are polls nothing more than propaganda?

A 2016 US article notes this in 2016, during the presidential campaign:

“The media is fully engaged in the presidential campaign, already picking sides and actively or passively campaigning for their favorite candidates. Polling of the media would likely reveal majority support for Mrs. Clinton. In fact, “Self-proclaimed Democratic journalists outnumber Republicans by 4-to-1” according to an Indiana University study. Big deal if a newspaper writer in Paducah, Kentucky or Greeley, Colorado is a Democrat. Their media reach doesn’t extend beyond their small cities.

Instead it’s the Washington, DC journalists with the most influence. Those on the evening news, the Sunday talk shows, and those reporting or commenting on the 24-7 cable news networks. The above-mentioned study found that, “More than 90 percent of D.C. journalists vote Democratic, with an even higher number giving to Democrats or liberal-leaning political action committees.” Is it any wonder that media is referred to as ‘Democrat operatives with bylines”?

An opinion poll is a survey of public opinion from a particular sample, designed to represent the opinion of a larger population group. The key word here is ‘sample’. Suppose you want to conduct a survey on gun rights. How might the results differ if you sample attendees at a Wyoming gun show versus a meeting of the Ithaca Code Pink chapter?”

This applies to Canada as well.

Substitute Ottawa, Toronto or Montreal for Washington DC at being influential.  Forget about the rural areas of Canada or, for that matter, the small towns across the country.  Look at the influence of these pollsters and of course, the media, all with Liberal leanings and how this dominates the airwaves.  How many times have we seen these polls and wonder just who these pollsters are polling?

Another article notes what happened during the US midterm elections, when Trump was not actually on the ballot, but his policies were.

“Those elections were a referendum on Trump who was elected on promises to address the mess that the previous Obama government had left. “

The same thing is happening here in Canada, with Conservative leader Andrew Scheer being tied to Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s  austerity policies.  What the articles and polls fail to mention is the financial mess that Premier Ford has to clean up after fifteen years of failed Liberal policies.

Another example of poll failure was the BREXIT vote back in 2016. The usual media and pollster pundits predicted that the UK would vote to remain with the European Union.  The shock and awe they felt when UK voters voted to leave the EU was like an earthquake.  “The Brexit polls predicted that ‘remain’ would win by 8 percent when in reality ‘leave’ won by 4 percent, a 12 percentage point error. This Week correctly noted in their post Brexit headline, “Pollsters couldn’t resist the temptation to put their thumb on the scales.”

Canada may have just had its “basket of deplorables” moment with recent comments made by Ottawa professor Amir Attaran.

“Professor Attaran wants you to read his unsolicited and deliberately insulting tweets. He wants you to talk about the tight links between the polling firm that provided him with his QUOTATION and the Liberal Party of Canada. He wants you to hurl all kinds of abuse at him.”


What it boils down to is this: while there have been some very negative campaigns in past Canadian elections, it seems that Canadians in 2019 have had enough of being lectured to by our progressive betters who seem to think they know what’s best for Canada and Canadians.  They have an agenda to put forward and their values are not Canadian values.  The same scenario happened in 2016 when Americans, after eight years of President Obama’s  domestic and foreign policy blunders said “enough is enough “ especially when Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables.” Donald Trump became President and defeated every poll that predicted otherwise.


So far, Trudeau and his Liberal yes men and women have called Canadians who oppose their lax immigration policies “racist,” those who oppose their anti-resource policies have been painted as being “threats to national unity” and one unhinged Liberal MP actually called for a sitting Premier to be “whacked.”


These polls are nothing more than snapshots in time and more and more, propaganda tools used to divide Canadians and to push forward an agenda of “Liberal good”, “Conservative bad.”


Since Stephen Harper is not running for office, Ontario Premier Doug Ford has replaced him as the “meaniepants” of Canadian politics who is “corrupt” and who is cutting services in Ontario.


Don’t believe the polls. Take them with a grain of salt and look behind the headlines.


We are not “deplorables” as our progressive betters would have you believe. We are Canadians who want to see Canada restored to the country it once was, both at home and on the world stage, not the “post national” Canada that Trudeau envisioned back after he was elected.