In response to an article, in the National Post today, extolling the results of a poll implying the SNC-Lavalin affair hasn’t hurt the Liberals, this following discussion brings out great points the article completely missed.

“A new poll suggests a scathing ethics report on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s handling of the SNC-Lavalin affair hasn’t so far hurt the Liberals’ chances of re-election this fall — and it hasn’t helped the Conservatives.”

Discussion between GP and SMH

GP – I was listening to a news report that cited a poll that indicated that the vast majority of people haven’t even heard about the ethics commissioner’s report (most likely because it’s summer and they’re not paying much attention to the news). So it’s not that they’ve “put the SNC-Lavalin affair behind them” but that they’re ignorant about the details in the first place. In the fall things could change dramatically.

SMH – People aren’t ill informed, they’ve heard about the SNL scandal as much as you and me. The difference is we care and they don’t. 

Andrew Scheer may be a very nice guy and a decent politician but as a party leader he’s a dud.

GP – I see a lot of posts from ill informed people on Facebook every single day. And how exactly is Andrew Scheer a “dud”?

SMH – Facebook posts are not a good representation of Canadians as a whole that’s why pollsters try to get a large cross section of the population. 

Andrew Scheer is a dud because people aren’t listening to him and he’s not attracting voters.

GP – Facebook is about as good as any supposedly random sample used by pollsters. It’s probably better because pollsters are notorious for using leading questions to skew results. And is it that people aren’t listening to Scheer or that the MSM is heavily biased towards the Liberal party and not giving him a fair shake?

SMH – The problem with Facebook is your most likely to have like minded people in your feed, you don’t get a good cross section. 

You’re right about media bias but Scheer is getting media time yet he’s not successful at attracting voters.

GP – I visit a variety of pages including many left wing news sources so I’m sure I’m getting a good cross section of views. And the fact that Scheer is polling competitively with Trudeau despite the blatant liberal bias in the media indicates that he is anything but a “dud”.

SMH – With everything Trudeau has done in the past four years including repeatedly breaking ethic rules Andrew Scheer should be way ahead in the polls and Trudeau should be much lower than he is. 

The fact that they remain neck and neck does not point to Scheer competitiveness it shows he’s not doing well.

SMH – Why do you want Scheer to be the new PM? What draws you to him? Why are you voting CPC?

GP – compare the coverage of SNC-Lavalin scandal with the coverage that the Duffy “scandal” that wasn’t a scandal received. If Trudeau received even a tenth of the scrutiny that Harper received from the MSM he’d be polling in the single digits right now.

GP – I support Scheer because he is honest, smart, hard working and puts the interests of Canada first. Or in other words, he is everything that Trudeau is not.