Why should you consider Jim as leader for the Conservative Party of Canada?

Jim has brought his Conservative values into the the arenas of globalists that have been operating with impunity within federal and provincial parties.

Jim fought so hard, against globalist Patrick Brown and his insiders, they had Jim ousted from the party, barred from any party functions, and then sued him, all because he fought against voter fraud during Patrick Brown’s PC leadership, and Patricks campaign honcho, Walied Soliman, when Jim launched his Take Back Our PC Party campaign.  

Jim has also taken on Justin Trudeau, with his Axe the Carbon Tax campaign, which succeeded uniting Conservative leaders all across Canada.

Jim is a TRUE BLUE Conservative.  A trait that has been missing from many of the candidates who so far have thrown their hats into the ring.

Jim Karahalious will fight for TRUE CONSERVATIVE values, for ALL conservatives.

First hurdle – 1,000 signatures in February

This means we need to help Karahalios to get the 1,000 signatures from paid-up party members that the party requires them to submit along with their application. The deadline for you to become a party member and still have your signature count as valid is February 6th

If you’ve already signed the nomination forms for other candidates, will you please do the same ASAP for Karahalios?  Download his nomination forms below.

FAQ: if you are allowed to sign more than one nomination form. The answer is yes.

If you haven’t yet signed the nomination papers for any of the candidates, please help now. Join or renew your membership in the CPC immediately by clicking here and paying the $15 annual membership fee.

Then, download the nomination form, sign them. Once completed, please scan and email the petition back to Jim at jim@jimkarahalios.ca or mail it to c/o Jim Karahalios, PO Box 20046, Cambridge Centre, 355 Hespeler Road, Cambridge, Ontario, N1R6B0.  Please let him know if you are mailing it back..

Download the forms:

– Jim Karahalios’ nomination signature form: DOWNLOAD

Your signed originals should be mailed back to: c/o Jim Karahalios, PO Box 20046, Cambridge Centre, 355 Hespeler Road, Cambridge, Ontario, N1R6B0