Here’s an interesting “six degrees of separation” I found when researching a left leaning journalist a few days ago.

In this journalist’s list of articles, I came across this site – the Centre for International Governance Innovation which owns the site “OpenCanada” which published one of the articles that I came across.

Who is the chair of the Centre for International Governance Innovation? None other than Jim Balsillie, who ran Research In Motion, home of the Blackberry. And what resume wouldn’t be complete without an association with the UN? According to his bio, ” In 2011, Jim was appointed as the private sector representative on the UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel for Global Sustainability.”

Who funds the Centre for International Governance Innovation? Among their backers are Balsillie, along with the governments of both Ontario and Canada.

Balsillie spoke recently at an international committee – that is examining the role of internet giants in safeguarding privacy and democratic rights – talking about the “toxic” social media world, claiming they are a threat to democracy.

(from the article)

“Balsillie also offered a thinly veiled criticism of (Mark) Zuckerberg and (Sheryl) Sandberg for not responding to the committee’s summons to testify. By displacing the print and broadcast media in influencing public opinion, technology is becoming the new fourth estate. In our system of checks and balances, this makes technology co-equal with the executive, the legislative, and the judiciary,” he said.

“When this new fourth estate declines to appear before this committee — as Silicon Valley executives are currently doing — it is symbolically asserting this aspirational co-equal status … The work of this international grand committee is a vital first step towards redress of this untenable current situation. Balsillie, now the chair of the Ontario-based Centre for International Governance Innovation, said technology, if left unchecked, will displace print and broadcast media, and he urged a panel of politicians to impose restrictions on big internet companies.”

The tentacles of this government’s involvement with social media and calling out for its control get deeper and deeper by the day. They are the true threats to open dialogue and opposing opinions especially with the federal election barely four months away.

Committee blasts Zuckerberg, Sandberg for ‘abhorrent’ snub of summons