Ontario restaurant chain, The Mandarin, has ‘given back’ to the Ontario communities that have supported it, created its growth by their patronizing its restaurants over the years, by giving a free meal to Ontarian’s/Canadians on Canada Day.

Never before was this an issue when the Mandarin gave out free meals in 1996, 2004, 2009 and 2014, to patrons who held Canadian Citizenship.

Because it’s 2019, and since Canada has been under assault by the cult of identity politics and virtue signallers since 2015, this act of generosity is now being hailed as a violation of Human Rights, because it excludes non-Canadians from partaking in a ‘free’ meal.

Under this preposterous discriminatory threat, would it mean that visitors to Canada are also being discriminated against? Or, is this just another ambulance chasing lawyer virtue signalling to all the illegal country shoppers who illegally gained entrance to our country?

Even Justin Trudeau’s “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” statement, also excludes those that aren’t “Canadian”.

If you really want to talk about Human Rights discrimination, let’s look at all those illegals being housed and fed in four-star hotels, paid for by Canadian taxpayers, while Canadian homeless live and sleep on the streets, and dumpster dive for their food.

The Mandarin is a privately owned business, run by Canadians, giving back to Canadians by ‘Thanking’ us on Canada Day with the gesture of a free meal.

This shouldn’t be a ‘crime’.

(H/T to a reader for this comment)

“Enough, already!

A violation of Ontario’s Human rights code? Really?

When did it become a human rights violation for a business – celebrating Canada and how good this country has been to them to offer Canadian citizens (with proof) a free buffet to celebrate Canada and Canadians?

Have we become that entitled of a society to demand something “free” even though we are not entitled to it?

This is a prime example of how far we have fallen as a society – to be willing to go to these lengths to assuage our hurt feelings via a Human Rights kangaroo court all because we didn’t get a free meal?

For the record, my mother and I were at the Mandarin in 2014 for our free buffet and it was an amazing display by a business who wanted nothing more than to thank Canada for allowing them to prosper and grow.

Shame, shame, shame on these whining people who have nothing better to do than complain.”