Farmers who are tired of defending their work to Vegans

It takes less water to grow a cow than to grow an almond tree.

It takes less water to produce a cow than a kilo of chocolate.

It takes less water to produce a cow than a vineyard of grapes.

Land use

85% of the land used for grazing cattle cannot be used to grow crops. It is either too wet, too stony, too high, too steep, too poor, too dry, too cold, too hot…or one of a million other things that prevents anything other than grass and native flors to grow.

Crops don’t grow in most of Alaska or Siberia, but cows will.

While we are on the subject of appropriate land use, is it ok to have 2 million acres of land used just for parking spaces in the US?

Is it ok to have millions of acres dedicated to growing grapes for wine, cocoa for chocolate or sugar cane for example? Humans can survive perfectly well without wine, chocolate or processed sugar, so if land use is based on need and we apparently don’t need to eat meat, we sure as shit don’t need wine, cocoa, sugar, palm oil, and the thousands of other things that have zero nutritional value.

Cows eat forage.

Forage is grass, hay, silage, or some form of plant matter fresher, ensiled or dried.

Forage constitutes nearly 90% of virtually all cattle diets…for some cattle its 100%.

The other 10-13% of feed is made up of human inedible grains, byproducts, stale human food (sweets, cake, bread, etc) and a minuscule percentage of direct grown feed. No ones gives a monkey’s fart about the vast acreage dedicated to golf courses, football fields, graveyards or Disneyland and its ilk, but grow a few grains and pulse crops as feed for cattle and the ill informed masses lose their shit.

The bottom of all of this is, cows aren’t polluting the planet anyway…the minute you stop buying into that crap the rest of the fallacious argument becomes moot.