The Truth behind the Fifteen dollar Minimum Wage


The Liberal Governments none stop attack on small businesses has been a death by a thousand tiny cuts, being inflicted on small businesses since gaining power in 2015. Most small businesses, being non-union, are definitely on the radar screen of our pro-union Government. The final blow to countless small business owners will be a minimum wage increase to $15 per hour.

Liberals love the term “living wage” and pat themselves on the back when they see a burger flippers wage go up a couple bucks an hour, but its far more complicated then that!  Having a minimum wage of any amount has an invisible cost built into it that most people don’t see, namely the human beings who never get hired because of it.

“But minimum wage isn’t enough to live on,” they will say. For whom? A teen living at home with Mom and Dad? A senior staying active and socially engaged? A single mom with children? A young adult sharing rent with 2 roommates? Not all of these people could live off minimum wage, but some of them could given the opportunity. Raising the minimum wage to satisfy the few will come at the detriment of the majority. Once you saw off the bottom two rungs of the income ladder, many will never be able to make that vital first step. Unfortunately, Liberal politicians and their union backers are much more concerned with their own agendas then considering the repercussions of their polices.

While a recent college graduate working at a café may get a few more dollars an hour, the high school dropout will find it harder to get and keep a job. This is because those who have the least to offer employers, need additional training, or are risky hires, will face additional unforeseen challenges.

The damage however takes time to see, this is why minimum wage increases, like rent control, appear appealing on the surface.

Employers must react to minimum wage increases as well. Benefits, insurance, parking, flexible hours may all be cut back as a result. Employers may expect higher work outputs, and if their bottom line cannot be met, automation may be the only answer the employer has left. In the end if the employer cannot find a way to absorb the increase, the customer must pay, or the business goes bankrupt.

Minimum wage increases strike indiscriminately, unable to distinguish the types of workers or the households from which they come. The teenager trying to earn a little spending money is treated the same as a single Mother struggling to make ends meet.

The higher the wages, the less likely an employer will be to take on a risk like a single Mother who may require occasional time off to take a child to the doctor. Or hire a kid from a disadvantaged background who requires some extra direction to meet the requirements needed for the position. What about released felons who are trying to work their way back into society?

Minimum wages have not helped the disadvantaged in any way whatsoever, increasing it will only make things WORSE!