This article is from the UK Telegraph and since it’s a long one – and a premium content article to boot, it’s into a word document so it can be read it in its entirety.  This was part of a series of articles published in the Telegraph at the end of 2019, looking back over the previous decade and predictions for the next decade. This particular one was written by Lord Michael Dobbs, writer of the UK version of the political thriller “House of Cards” and a member of the House of Lords – the British Parliament’s upper chamber, equivalent to our Senate.

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After reading this article, it gives me hope that all is not lost for the future of conservatism and the federal Conservative party here in Canada. Reading the struggles that the British Conservatives have faced over the years, which are similar to what is going on here in Canada – between their slim majority governments, and what the Labour Party had done to the UK (similar to what the Liberal government is doing in Canada) and the fact they kept getting re-elected – like our Liberals did, in spite of bad policies and scandals.


Tell me if this sounds familiar:

“Despite 13 years of Labour government that had produced illegal war, unemployment of 2 ½ million and a Prime Minister in Gordon Brown who had ‘zero emotional intelligence’ (Tony Blair’s acidic description), we Tories still couldn’t win – we were nearly twenty seats short of a majority. So the first dirty job was to embrace Nick Clegg and his Lib-Dems among the piles of compost in the Downing Street Rose Garden. Soon students were rioting in the streets and opinion poll ratings were tumbling. More manure, please.
Many concluded that the Conservative brand was hopelessly compromised. Despite all of Dave’s ( former Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron) fine tuning we were slipping further from the middle ground of consensus and compromise. The whisper in Westminster was that there might never be another majority Conservative government. We were out of touch and almost out of time.”
Our liberal elite is peculiarly pessimistic, focused on things it says we can’t do or can’t achieve. Over the last ten years, virtue signalling has grown to ridiculous proportions. But good intentions on their own simply aren’t enough, and this has been the Decade of Social Media when good intentions have trouble surviving in the rush to judgement, which so often translates into vile abuse. The main victims are the young.”
When the BREXIT referendum first surfaced, the “Remainers” – both in the UK and throughout Europe were convinced that it would never work.
  • Fearmongering was in full swing with the liberal elites saying that “If they voted Brexit, the people were told, unemployment would immediately soar. Rocketing interest rates would force them out of their homes, planes would be grounded, there would be food shortages, the stock market would collapse, if you had cancer you might die because of a lack of drugs.There was even a startling claim that Brexit would lead to an outbreak of super-gonorrhea. Seriously. I thought it must be fake news, some crackpot tweet, until I saw it headlined in the Evening Standard. No fear was left unfuelled.”

But, the people – the grassroots of the country had other ideas. In spite of everything thrown at them, they voted for BREXIT and it was the shot heard throughout the UK. Prime Minister Cameron did the honourable thing and resigned. He had split the party but for a heartbeat it looked as if the Tories had stumbled onto the right path, the people’s path, under his successor, Theresa May. Brexit Means Brexit, and the ratings rose so high that she called a snap election. Theresa lost her working majority. It was Death Wish on Downing Street. And what did the “Remainers” and elites do after the vote – the largest vote in the country’s history? They called the 17.4 million voters who voted for BREXIT “stupid and ill-informed.”


Again, does that sound familiar? How many times have either provincial or federal Liberals or NDP called Canadians stupid, ill informed, racist or homophobic for speaking out against their policies or supporting parties that actually represent Canadians, not the Laurentian Elite?


Add in some division, and you have a recipe for disaster. The “Remainers” “deliberately tried to divide the younger generation from others, particularly their grandparents. Their argument is simple. Brexit is not just a product of the ignorant and ill-informed, it’s also the fault of the old. Older voters are selfish, care nothing for the future, which is the only conceivable reason for anyone to vote Brexit, so their opinions are worthless. In January this year the People’s Vote campaign declared that since more than a million Brexit voters had died off since the referendum, we should have another referendum – and Remain will win!”

That tactic did not work and after Prime Minister Theresa May resigned over BREXIT, Boris Johnson became not only Conservative leader, but the new Prime Minister, first with a slim majority and this month, triumphed with a bomb-proof majority. Since that happened, BREXIT has been finalized, as to the wishes of the people of Great Britain who voted to leave the European Union.




And what is the state of the EU today?

“Angela Merkel will soon retire, leaving Germany in political uncertainty. Emmanuel Macron sinks ever lower in his attempt to find a way out of the slough. Italy continues in chaos. And the unelected government in Brussels is rapidly running out of money, ideas and acolytes. After the smoke of the battle Brexit has cleared, Europe will need Britain as a friend and partner.”

Along with becoming a trading partner in Europe and around the world, Boris Johnson’s Conservatives have to reunite a divided Britain and address other issues that similar to Canada, have fractured them. Issues like out of control immigration and political correctness among many other issues are a good start to unity in the UK.


What BREXIT did was wake up the masses and spell the death knell for these elites who have done nothing more than raise our taxes for their pet causes. They pitted people against people, all to keep them divided and angry. It’s the same in the US, as the Democrats have divided the US on so many issues – especially those who support  Donald Trump. 
Canada’s BREXIT line in the sand is the climate change nonsense that has guided all political decisions in the Trudeau government and has turned Canada on its ear in so many ways, especially the torpedoing of our resource sector and the resulting division and anger from those policies that has rocked Canada since Trudeau came to power in 2015. There’s talk of separation again and it’s coming from the West this time. The UK faced these challenges with Scottish independence and current polls suggest there’s not the support for that.
It’s not to say that our own Conservatives don’t face struggles – they do. When they are up against the Liberal spin machine – the party itself and their bought and paid for media who have done everything in their power to marginalize all Conservatives and pick a new leader. That, and the backstabbers in our own party who, in their lust for power, have mounted a palace coup that saw Andrew Scheer resign, in spite of grassroots support from members. That kind of support scared our own CPC old guard as well as the Liberals, owing to the popular support for Scheer. The Conservatives have to have the backbone to speak their truths and not remain in the mushy middle, too scared to say and do what needs to be done.
The CPC’s loss in October has to a good degree, wakened Canadians up to our own Liberal elite who have virtue signaled their way to turning Canada into a country we don’t know anymore. The Liberals are now in a minority government situation and how long that will last is anybody’s guess. We have to be ready to meet that challenge and be ready to govern with courage and bold ideas, not a carbon copy of the party we are trying to defeat. Provinces across Canada made a good start by electing Conservative governments and it’s time to take that idea coast to coast.
The author of this article is optimistic for the upcoming decade and says this:

“And that’s why I’m an optimist about the coming decade. The consensus around the liberal elite, who never truly trusted the people, has been broken. The people once again hold sway and have given Boris an instruction to do things differently. The message has gone out – never take us for fools again.”