The identity politics that the Justin Trudeau Liberals have been, and continue to practice is pitting race against race, religion against religion, skin colour against skin colour.

His virtue signalling is not only breaking up and pitting communities against each other, it’s also alienating our allies.

Under his leadership, our federation, sovereignty and unity is threatened beyond belief.

Tarek Fatah is a Pakistani-Canadian journalist, writer, broadcaster, secularist and liberal activist.

Fatah is a founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress and served as its communications officer and spokesperson. Fatah  advocates a separation of religion and state, opposition to sharia law, and advocacy for a “liberal, progressive form” of Islam. He calls himself an Indian born in Pakistan, a Punjabi born in Islam.

He said this in a Toronto Sun news article:

Political commentators in the media, academics in universities and vote-hungry politicians may have become numb or blind to what is unfolding, but the rest of the world and most immigrants like me are watching our democracy being used to promote religious hatred, ethnic division and extremism overseas.

On Monday, a leader of India’s opposition Congress Party, Punjab Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh lambasted the Trudeau Liberal government over “its overt and covert support to the Khalistani movement,” demanding New Delhi “seek UN sanctions if needed,” against Canada.

When liberals do not possess the skills to have cordial conversations and honest debates with actual facts. When they can’t have civilized arguments without blame shifting and fabricating lies to reinforce their claims and biases, they turn to character attacks and slander their opposition in order to delegitimize the motives as well as the quality of a conservative’s argument.

Calling somebody a racist without any evidence of racism is a nasty thing to do but unfortunately, an extremely effective tactic and one of the greatest threats in the realm of politics. It is a cheap shot against anybody who doesn’t agree with the left.

Do not renew the race card expiring October 21, 2019.