One more climate alarmist, anti-oil, eco-warrior myth destroyed by “big, bad oil”, actual facts, data and real research instead of outdated data and factless based claims of the alarmist cult.

This is just one of many actual research projects that the industry invests hundreds of million of dollars in, to reduce the environmental footprint and impact to supply the world with the increased demand of responsibly produced oil and gas.

It’s a shame the current federal government does not recognize these innovations, and are more concerned in false declarations of a climate emergency instead of focusing on real solutions such as these that actually make a difference.

The studies are based on data collected from jack pine stands in northeast Alberta over 20 years by the Wood Buffalo Environmental Association. The non-profit group is made up of representation from industry, government agencies, First Nation and M├ętis communities, and environmental organizations.

Instead of wide-spread acidification, researchers found that the nitric oxides and sulphur dioxides were being neutralized by calcium and strontium present in “fugitive dust” kicked up from petroleum coke piles and road dust.

The neutralized nitrogen and sulphur then acted as fertilizer, Foster said.

The researchers recorded more plants and more species of plants in the testing areas, indicating the nitrogen and sulphur were acting as a fertilizer.

Monitoring and modelling are not aligned and so much of the climate hype is built on the modelling rather than data collected from monitoring. Majority of the climate change hysteria grows out of misleading information resting solely on modelling.

The real solution remains in maximizing the benefits of our resources while minimizing the pollution through the use of technology.

Canada is leading in clean air, sanitation and water quality, as we wrote about here. Nature is designed to work in our favour by relying on our resources and through responsible extraction, refining and consumption we can realize many health advantages the developing world still needs.