A great article penned by David Yager on the political and societal hypocrisy of climate alarmists.

It has gone from being actual science, research, dialogue, and innovation to actually make real impact, to nothing more than politicized and hypocritical circus where absolutely little impact in the way of reducing emissions and making real progress has happened, except for a redistribution of wealth plied upon the backs of taxpayers and consumers.

Do as I say, not as I do. This is politics, which is increasingly irrational.

I’m not a “climate scientist” and therefore the alarmists (not scientists either) will claim I am not qualified to comment. But it is not intuitive that all these news reports can be mathematically or scientifically correct.

But as we all know, in the turbocharged and emotional climate change debate of the 21st century, facts don’t matter.

The subject itself so confusing our fellow Canadians don’t know what to do.

Recent polling by Angus Reid revealed 69%, “…say climate change should be a top priority for whichever party forms government after the October vote.” At the same, 58% believed oil and gas development should also be a major objective.

In the hunt for votes you can’t please everyone.

Since the prairies contain so many carbon tax opponents, the Greens and NDP have decided to chase green votes elsewhere.

The regional nature of Canadian cleavage politics means politicians can campaign aggressively against the oil and gas industry in many regions without jeopardizing electoral success.

Their quest for support will take place in the lower mainland of BC, Vancouver Island, and among urban residents of Ontario and Quebec. These voters can support aggressive climate policies at the expense of oil without losing their own jobs or risking short-term financial discomfort.

Canada cannot save the world, emissions wise. Why risk our economy in this impossible mission when ours are minuscule in the big oceans of global emissions?

The alarmists message of “the world is in flames” is resonating with many who have no understanding of what it really means, economically and environmentally.

For the first time in Canada’s short history, the future of the world depends upon how we vote in upcoming election.

This is an enormous responsibility. Choose your vote carefully.