How to understand long list of failures to deliver on projects.

A very interesting insight from Terry Etam that may help explain the Liberal’s infrastructure bank and it’s long list of failures to deliver on projects, yet has funnelled billions in taxpayer’s dollars for zero return.

The billions of taxpayer’s dollars Trudeau has sent overseas to their false flag pet projects that have zero economic or social benefits to Canada, along with the destructive bills C-48 (Oil Tanker Moratorium Act), C-49 (Transportation Modernization Act), the carbon tax, climate alarmism, and other competitiveness killing policies that are slowly bankrupting this country and eliminating the good, well paying jobs as industry after industry falls.

This dangerous and slippery slope the liberals have created with their policies will lead to do this, as well as more government control on every aspect of our economy and daily lives.

We need to restore the competitive leadership Canada once held and led the world with, that starts now, and with our votes in October, Canada will not survive another four years under the Liberals and Trudeau.

What matters to the general public is that central banks are doing this at the behest of governments that cannot afford their social programs, and negative interest rates provide a means to do so without raising taxes or pissing off consumers.

Governments that issue negative interest rate debt don’t pay interest when they borrow, they receive it in this new wonderland – money for nothing.

So what, you might think.

Well, here’s the scary part.

Since governments have found a way to pay for social programs with no downside (central bank economists assure them), think of the consequences. When word gets out that governments are unencumbered to spend by pesky things like raising taxes, there will be lines around the block of various demanders.

Powerful unions will demand wage increases from the government and threaten to strike if not sated.

New infrastructure projects will be demanded also.

Seniors will riot for better pensions (and will have a valid case, because their hard-earned savings in a negative interest rate world won’t buy them a can of beans, literally).

In days gone by, governments have always been kept in check by some sort of budgetary restraint, but no more. So here you go, raises all around.

Any group that can exert influence on elected politicians is about to be showered with money if they can sway governments. The squeakiest wheels will get the grease.

No wheel is squeakier these days than the terrified climate change movement, demanding more wind and solar and an end to fossil fuel consumption.

Should governments heed these calls, and they are lining up to do so, then critical industries will be sacrificed on this altar of expediency, with a government’s typical zeal for more votes trumping any thoughts of long term sanity.

Column: Negative interest rates – not an economic curiosity, an ominous pall of government control about to storm the US and an ill-prepared Canada