Lets take a brief look at what is happening in Canada today. As Canadians become increasingly polarized and divided into various camps, tensions heighten.

Nowhere does this become more evident than in the advent of an election year, particularly the federal election. That said, we have seen a number of provincial elections receiving intense scrutiny.

We tend to look for the weaknesses of the other side to use against them and score points in order to win over voters. This can get extremely ugly at times but highly effective if done ‘right’.

The opposition party has the usual advantage of criticizing the party in power on their record, and on the flip side, the ruling party has the wallet and can entice voters with both spending in key ridings and promises of spending.

The engaged parties have to carefully reveal their plans so as not to show their winning cards, either so their opponents can’t take it, or use it against them, but at the same time allow the voters to see what they are proposing to do for them to make an informed decision.

Populism is a political approach that strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite and interest groups. Those of the left political spectrum take issue with populism as it doesn’t rely on special interest groups who appeal to the elitist to further their interests. Using emotions rather than facts can be very effective to influence the unsuspecting – especially the younger mindset.

This over time becomes a problem as these elitists and interest groups are never satisfied with the first demands that got the sympathy. As the demands get shriller, like Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine Mckenna, so apply described when she said, “But you know, I actually gave them some real advice. I said that if you actually say it louder, we’ve learned in the House of Commons, if you repeat it, if you say it louder, if that is your talking point, people will totally believe it”, the gullible start to follow.

Special interest groups and activists are beating society up, in order to conform with their beliefs. If society doesn’t agree with them, they are labeled, racist, bigots or whatever flavour of ‘phobia’. Eventually people get tired of the blacklisting and fight back. Thats called populism.

There are topics that already exist, that are forbidden to be talked about except in favourable tones.

Our schools and universities are used as places to practise and incubate harmful attitudes. If the adults will not step in soon expect things to completely disintegrate.

We may cheer every time populism wins out, but we are simply kicking the can down the road to eventually experience a complete collapse.

As it is we will either see a great fall, or a great awakening, or both. Unless we turn back to the principles free societies were built on, we will not survive without the next generation living through tumultuous times.